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Moravian Glory Foundation is an organization in Atlanta, Georgia which supports its sister foundation in the Czech Republic through project management assistance services in Czech American communities, and also with fundraising activities.

Who we support

We are committed to support Moravian traditions and culture. Our long-term project is the rescue of the folk art painters and the skill of ornament painting - we organize domestic and abroad exhibitions and workshops, where we pass on the old time knowledge from one generation to another. We also teach textile techniques such as embroidery, bobbin winding, knitting, spinning, weaving and more. We knit from wicker, straw and cut from wood, we master the basic techniques of wirework and ceramics. We are also engaged in baking and folk confectionery.

Blueprint workshop follow-up in Valtice
Marenka transfer 'prints' the ornament from the original to the wall
Painting the ornament

We publish coloring books and workbooks of Moravian Slovakia Region ornaments, on which the folk painter Marie Švirgová from Lanžhot cooperates with us. We have organized several exhibitions and workshops in Washington DC, Atlanta, Cedar Rapids, Chicago and New York.

Amazing experiences at the embassy in Washington, DC
Workshop - painting 20 foot-long ornament on the wall
Workshop - Painting on ribbons in the Breclav library

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Online shop

Please use the links below to purchase our products made in the Czech Republic.  Part of the proceeds from your purchase will support the foundation and its activities (preservation and support of traditions, cultural heritage and folklore).  

Víchernice - Vanishing Perennials of Moravia
Heritage Caretakers Coloring Books
Folk Art Cup & Saucer


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